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naples, florida whiskerslist > community > events
Wednesday, December 23, 2015 - 2:53pm

Hello, ladies and gentlecats!

I'm holding a little tea party. I've recently perfected my catnip tea recipe, and I've been told it's exquisite. I thought I would hold a gathering in its honor!

This will be a quiet, fairly lowkey event, so no yowling or excessive chirping. Must be able to handle fairly strong tea. Otherwise, I'm open to anyone joining :)

Gathering will be held at the gazebo in the town square, at 3 o' clock sharp this thursday!! Bring your best manners~


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Pittsburgh, PA whiskerslist > personals > seeking
Wednesday, December 23, 2015 - 2:12pm

Hello beautiful queens! No one wants to be alone on christmas, as I am very familiar with. I also know many of you have beef with your parents/

That's why I am here to come to your aid. I am your mystery man of the hour, here just in time for the holidays ;) 

My interests include yowling at nothing, splashin water everywhere, and knocking things over. So basically, expect a musical and artistic bad boy. 

All I ask is the Christmas food and festivities that I will be a part of during the night.

Call me Julius, Man of Mystery. I can't show you my visage, until our romantic encounter, as it would ruin my wild allure. I guarantee to make your family mad, guarantee it! 

xx Happy Holidays


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toledo, ohio whiskerslist > community > groups
Sunday, December 20, 2015 - 10:04pm

Have you been discriminated against because of your drool? Do you feel insecure? Alone?

You don't have to anymore. We are here for you.

Free treats and a fancy fountain at every meeting.

Private message for dates and times, we would love to have you.

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houston, texas whiskerslist > personals > seeking
Sunday, December 20, 2015 - 8:39pm


As you may have noticed, I have a bit of a crooked mouth. I'm very self conscious, as it makes me look a little funny when I eat. Because of this, I haven't sought a lover.

I feel like now is the time...

If you can get past my snaggly smile, send me a message. I don't discriminate. I promise I'll be good to you,

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Chula Vista, CA whiskerslist > services >
Saturday, December 19, 2015 - 3:39pm

Hey guys :) 

I just got into yoga, and its really cleansed me. I think we should all try to get together and work out our stresses! I am going to hold a free yoga sesh outside my moms place.

Don't worry about your schedule, this is my life now, so i'll do it every day! feel free to just drop by and check it out if you want :) 

we have a free water fountain, so no worries about refreshments either! so basically, its perfect, relaxing, and it'll really help us all lead healthy and stress free lives! 

My name is Krissy. Contact me for location! See you soon! 

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mesa, arizona whiskerslist > gigs > talent
Saturday, December 19, 2015 - 3:34pm

Weary Felines United is seeking young and energetic kits to guide us in their day to day activities. We miss the fun of youth, and we really just cant remember what it's like!

Do you think you can teach us old cats new tricks? We sure hope so!  Whether its jumping recklessly or drinking questionable water, or chasing nothing, we are up for it! Trust us, we are much "cooler" than you think! We will have a great time

And if thats not enough, high base pay and looks GREAT on your file. will compensate in nip upon request. 

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Fort wayne, IN whiskerslist > for sale > barter
Saturday, December 19, 2015 - 3:31pm

WOAH DUDES!!!! ok so no kidding around here, i TOTALLY just stumbled upon the fountain of youth-- the stories about 9 lives FINALLY make sense.. its very accessible but it comes off and on? I cant tell when its gonna like, happen, but i promise it works. check out this pic of me, im fine aint i????? not to brag lol 

all i ask in return is tellin me what your favorite treat is, or some info of equal value, i ain't about keepin secrets!!! HIT ME UP FOR SOME SERIOUS MIRACLES?? OMG

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada whiskerslist > for sale > free
Tuesday, December 15, 2015 - 4:26pm

I am very sensitive to scents. can you pick this up? lots of ornaments to break and play with. get it out, I may pay you.

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lexington, kentucky whiskerslist > personals > seeking
Monday, December 14, 2015 - 3:25pm

i got BIG PLANS... gonna steal away in the back of my person's car on their road trip. it's a once in a lifetime chance to see the world!!!!! i'm taking life by the horns, fellas!!

i figured it might get lonely, so i wanted to reach out and see if anyone is up for this adventure by my side! i'm not picky. we'll get to know each other on the way. 

hit me up if you're up for about a week of bonding time and great sight seeing!!

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Chicago, Illinois whiskerslist > gigs > event
Monday, December 14, 2015 - 7:49am

need a good yowler for our Christmas play. No payment available, but Muffin's mom will be there and she's a vocal talent scout. this could be your breakthrough.

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